Communication fear, Cultural or what?

I was thinking of removing communication skills on my CV, Thanks to this course I am pursuing  Get ready, get set, become a digital online learner

All these years I thought I have been lying about my skills by including communication as one of them until I realized that I really have it. Communication has changed a bit nowadays as a result of digital disruption that has made the connection very easy and adds an asynchronous aspect, that you do not need to be together or be at the same time zone to communicate. 

When I started working my communication experience was quite different from what I expected, I was added to WhatsApp groups, given an email account, phone numbers of my colleagues and told to express anything and that it could be of value to the organization. I thought communication was brought to its simplest level, but it was not the case.

I did not know much about an organization and most of the work that we were doing, I was very junior to my colleagues and I had no work experience. I lost confidence and feeling like I have nothing to contribute, encouraging my self that it will come a time when I will be capable of handling communication and I kept my contribution limited to very few staffs which I had worked for or come across and asked.

A year later, connection to the team is bigger, but I still had that feeling of "nooo I can't say this" until recent when is started this online course about learning online and communication is one of the skill it aims to impact to learners.

I realized that I possess most of the communication skills, I have even the communication strategies, my contribution is valued and I am safe, remember I was told this earlier. Only that I was not confident. I did not know that the only way I could learn to communicate was through communicating. That there was nothing wrong with my contribution, asking feedback or posting anything.

Its cultural implication of uncertainty but no one has ever told me "don't contribute something like this again" I am saying, posting or tweeting anything now, only getting much information on different tools. do that, just communicate.

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